Creative Mornings - A Lecture on Crossover

This month's Creative Morning's theme was Crossover. The Austin chapter recruited Jen Spencer, founder of The Creative Executive, to give a talk at the new TOM's Roasting Co. (pretty cool space!). Spencer has dealt with a lot of crossover in her career - from changing careers entirely, to starting a family and having a baby to creating a consulting agency that is true to her transitional values. 

Her consulting practice is in the business of transitions and inspirations. The overall theme of her lecture revolved around a motivation to honor who you are and who you want to be. 

Here are a few inspirational nuggets: 

  • There are three phases in a professional career: Direction - Achievement - Legacy. Between achievement and legacy the question, "Is this right for me?" always arises. If the answer to that question is YES, keep on keeping on. If that answer is no, it is time to reevaluate. 
  • In that reevaluation stage, vulnerability is the key to success. Risk, uncertainty and emotional exposure give us opportunities to look deep and ask the meaningful questions. 
  • "Be present in your work and life, and if you're honoring who you are, you won't be worried about where you're supposed to be."